Malzemeler :

Çelik, Paslanmaz Çelik, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex, Diger

Bağlantı :

Flanşlı, Kaynak Ağızlı

Tahrik Ünitesi :

Manuel, Elektrikli, Pnömatik, Hidrolik

Sıcaklığı :

(-200 °C) – (+550 °C)

Anma Çapı :

2″ – 36″

Anma Basıncı:

Class 150 – 600





Common valve designs like most gate and ball valves depend on line pressure or springs to achieve sealing and cannot guarantee long-term double block & bleed service as their sealing mecha-nism is based on friction and tearing and consequently seal abra-sion and scored seating elements may lead to product loss and contamination.


Dual expanding plug valves represent. the “single valve solution” and avoidall these     problems, they are easy to operate require very little maintenance and offer verifiable double block & bleed service with. an extraordinary long lifetime.

Not only do we help our clients to avoid product loss, our valves prevent fuel contamination in Multi- Product- Manifolds, avoid errors in meter calibration and at the same time help to protect health and the environment by positively containing the luid in the pipeline.




No Friction

Dual expanding plug valves are. based on a rising stem design with  cam and pin and a rotating plug with

retracting slips that assure low operating torques and friction-free opening and closing. The plug is double guided to assure that both slips seal equally on both sides.


Double Block & Bleed

Dual expanding plug valves have a double block and bleed function bothupstream and downstream which otherwise would require two separated valves to obtain the same effect. This does not only mean an easi er operation but also lower cost of maintenance and saving space.


Maintenance and Serviceability

Dual expanding plug valves are top and bottom entry type. If changing the slips is required, these can easily be

accessed by removing the lower cover without any special tools. The valve should be in open position to remove

the slips downwards.


Back Seating

Thanks to the back seat incorporated in our valves, stem packing can be adjusted and replaced easily, even if the line is under pressure.


Lower Trunnion

The lower trunnion is not part of the plug but incorporated in the lower cover, thus eliminating a body cavity where accumulation of particles may interfere with the valve function.


Stem Packing

Dual expanding plug valves are equipped with a full-size stem packing; special requirements

like TA-Luft or other regulations regarding fugitive emissions, including live loaded packing, can easily be fulfilled.




Dual expanding plug valves can be equipped with any type of actuator, including linear pneumatic ones.




1. Open

Valve fully open.
Seating slips (yellow) are protected from flow path.

2. Rotating

Plug (red) is rotating.
There is no contact between body and the slips during rotation.

3. Expanding

Plug/slips have rotated 90°, the plug starts expanding the slips.
The slips only move perpendicular to body seats.
Plug/slip assembly is kept centered in the body by top and bottom bushings.

4. Double Block and Bleed

Valve is seated.
Resilient seals have been compressed.. Resilient seals
cannot be damaged by operator over-torque. Double
block and bleed function can be tested by opening the bleed valve.

5. Start to open

Valve starts opening. The plug is moving up, retracting the slips from the body seats. Strong dovetail and stems retract the slips.
The plug is kept centered in the body by top and bottom bushings.

6. Slips retracted

Slips have been retracted prior to rotation and rotate to open position.

(Further working as fig. 1 and 2 in reversed order)




  • Tank Storage
  • Loading/unloading Stations
  • Multi-Product Manifolds
  • Metering Stations
  • Aviation fuel Services
  • Custody Transfer Units
  • Offshore Platforms